INTELLI+ ®, intelligent & intuitive control

Improved reliability, security & user-friendliness for efficient site management

Bernard Controls INTELLI+® is an integrated control solution which includes a control logic as well as power contactors.
It ensures the full control of the actuator including status reports, fault treatment and protections.

Bernard Controls INTELLI+® is an intuitive and intelligent integrated control which offers key benefits to end users:

Non-intrusive settings

Intuitive interface with local LCD display and easy-to-use menu

Accurate information with absolute sensors

Increased security with constant self-monitoring, ESD, Partial Stroke Test (PST), Alarms indication, signaling continuity...

Preventive maintenance: INTELLI+® continuously monitors its components as well as the actuator status and measures some important valve parameters. It provides users with a great deal of information to help with system diagnosis, aid in scheduling their valves preventative maintenance and maximize process availability by reducing maintenance downtime. INTELLI+® permanently monitors the required torque necessary to operate the valve, memorizing these torque values generated during the last open and close operations.

Fieldbus communication with open communication protocols (Profibus DP, Modbus or Foundation Fieldbus)

Infra-red/Bluetooth communication with PC and tablet via INTELLISOFT software to collect data, implement settings/configuration...)

More information about INTELLI+® in our dedicated catalogue.